Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My name is Walerian Domanski and I am the author of two books in Polish:
FABRYKI DYMU   (SMOKE FACTORIES) self published in 2013
and in English
THE DOG CALLED HITLER self published in 2014.
Editing was done by Roman Lazarowicz  from city Wroclaw Poland. Read proofing for English book was done by Anthony Strachurski, poet now living in Michigan USA. Without them these books could not be published.
These books are a collections of short stories. But what a stories! Fantastic, unusual, heartbreaking, humoristic and sometimes very dramatic. Not surprised  that i got 2015 Art Fellowship from Kresge Art in Detroit worth $25000,-
In addition these stories are very educational; they are about problems of people in Communist Poland. Maybe you know that writing the book is only first step, next step is promotion. And here I am very, very busy. I am asking you, readers, to help me to spread news about my books. They are good books and are worth to promote them.
Walerian Domanski

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