Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I am busy, busy!
But finally I did translate from Polish to English text "Small sexy girls from big village Piotrolesie"  (Previous title "The Calf".) Now Elisabeth is finishing proof reading. Probably it will be published by company Create Space (Publish-on- Demand).It will be 230 pages.
Polish book same title is bigger 370 pages! Probably I will publish it in Poland.
In addition I am working in my yard, painting fence, shopping...
Today I took vacation and went to OPC Rochester. I was witness almost fight between two old seniors ( 75 years both of them!)! They did argue like small kids. It is true that old people react like kids!

I hope soon my books will be printed. And it will create next problem...promotion.
Already I sent my book to 2015 International Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany. For 5 days it cost me 249 dol. I paid for add in "Poets&Writers", cost 150 dol for 50 words!
No results are guaranteed.
Best wishes readers

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