Thursday, October 22, 2015

Prepare for my new book "Sexy Little Girls from the Big Village". A collection of short stories, humor, satire. 330 pages. Publisher Create Space, soon will be on and e-book on Kindle.

Nobody wrote before this way.

I should tell you the story about old Polish woman. Her daughter left her in the car at the parking lot. Small store, small parking. But  lady approximately 90 years old, got idea that her daughter left her. She did ask me and my wife for help to go inside the store, to find her daughter and tell her that she is waiting. She was very scared, we can see fear in her eyes
- I can not drive! How i can go back home?!
We did. No problem. Daughter was at cashier desk paying bill.
But it remained me my mother. I did almost cry!
This is a heart braking story. Old people have their problems, we kids sometimes do not understand them. It is our fault.

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