Monday, November 30, 2015

Freedom of expression

My new book "Sexy Girls from the Big Village" is published! See
But I got problem with Kindle regarding my book "The Dog Called Hitler", See attached copy of e-mail.


I hope you're having a great day! Thanks for reaching out to KDP Support!

I completely understand your concern regarding the email that you receive for the Ad campaign that you create for your title; I will definitely do my best to answer your inquiry!

First of all I want to inform you that both campaigns are running, the thing is that for the title "The Dog Called Hitler" the campaign is not running on the Kindle devices, as the name on the title and the cover may offense some customers that use the devices and the website.

As an exception we are running the campaign on the website, normally we don't use to accept this campaign as this may create uncomfortable situation to people who use the website. When we inform you about something wrong with the cover, we are speaking of the Nazi symbol and also the name of "Hitler" is considered as inappropriate  to be used on an Advertising campaign on the Amazon Marketing Services, that is why your campaign is running only in the Amazon website and not on the mobile devices.

For the title "Sexy Little Girls from the Big Village" everything is correct and the campaign is running on a properly way on t website and on the devices.

I hope this will help and it was a real pleasure assisting you today!

Thanks for using Amazon KDP!

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