Monday, January 11, 2016

Finally we have 2016
What's new?
After my new book in English "Sexy Little Girls from the Big Village" published in 2015 by Create Space, now company in Poland is printing my next book in Polish "Małe dziewczynki z dużej wsi". It should be finished in one week.
It means "Small Girls from the Big Village".
Word Sex or Sexy was removed. Printing companies refused to print books with "Sexy title", they have many orders from the catholic Church.
I am writing next book, a collection of short stories, same as all my books. I have a problem, I need somebody to do proof reading for my writing in English. Of course I have more problems with promotion and selling. But it does not stop me from writing.So many readers like my books, they are asking for more of my writings.

In Michigan is snow, but it is not so bad. it can be worse. Soon will be spring time, optimistic.

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